Openshare Service

Open Shared Cloud provides online cloud storage file sharing services packed with latest security and encryption technology.

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It is the private or public distribution of data or resources in a network with different level of sharing privileges and users can get easy access to online cloud storage via internet-connected devices which opens up new possibilities for businesses.

GTMH Open Shared Cloud’s remote server are secure for file storage, transfer and sharing of data with the following IT managed features.

  1. On Site Server
  2. On-Site, Off-site or Hybrid Storage
  3. User Provisioning and Authentication

Simply, GTMH file sharing services allow you to see who’s added, edited , deleted, renamed or moved an online file with latest security and encryption technology.

Benefits of GTMH Openshare

Dropbox like” Interface, Compatible with Mobile, Desktop and Web Client

High Availability Architecture, Data Sovereignty (100% hosted in Myanmar) and Retention Policy Support

Single Sign-On (SSO), Integration with Office and Outlook

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