Dedicated Internet Access

Our DIA connection is like your own private “highway” to the internet while experiencing constant and steady stream of traffic in both directions that belong exclusively to your business.

Domestic Private Leased Circuit

GTMH domestic private leased circuit is a dedicated and point-to-point connection between domestic business. Our DPLC connectivity ensure domestic private network with dedicated bandwidth with maximum network security.

International Private Leased Circuit

GTMH international private leased circuit is a point-to-point private line to communicate between international offices. Our IPLC connectivity ensure end-to-end dedicated international bandwidth with minimum transaction delay and maximum network security.

International Ethernet Private Line

GTMH IEPL service provides a scalable and secure carrier-grade international connection between global and local enterprise with flexible bandwidth and Ethernet access capabilities.

No Matter how remote your location is, connect your business and organization to internet via satellite using GTMH satellite broadband.

Ideal Solutions for rural and remote areas where internet connectivity is difficult or non-existent. It is also a wise-choice for internet line backup.

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