Domestic Private Leased Circuit

Secure End to End Connectivity for your Domestic Coverage

GTMH domestic private leased circuit is a dedicated and point-to-point connection between domestic business. Our DPLC connectivity ensure domestic private network with dedicated bandwidth with maximum network security.

Recommended for communications between Business Headquarter and branches that need to deliver high speed data transferring and video conferencing.

Our local loop covers main cities in Myanmar and ensure customer experience dedicated bandwidth which greatly enhances speeds for high volume transfer with maximum security and privacy. The service is applicable to use in banking, hotels, securities, NGOs, government offices and NGOs.


Low Latency

Trusted, low-latency transmissions ensure video, teleconferencing and instant messaging apps that require real-time communication fast and smooth

Secure and Dedicated Network

Meet the requirements of mission-critical application with our high security and exclusive solutions

24/7 Support

Our 24 hours Network Management team make sure that your IPLC service run 24/7/365days.

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