Colocation Services

Colocation/shared data centers is a service where a company or organization rent space for servers, firewalls and other hardware and GTMH install this equipment in our secure datacenters, supplying the organization with both “Rackspace” and “bandwidth” to connect their equipment to the internet.

Our Colocation Services tailored according to your business needs

By leveraging our carrier-neutral data center services, you can house your servers in a secure, dedicated data center facility managed by our customer oriented experts to ensure your equipment stays online.

GTMH datacenter provides the business that are renting their space networking, physical security, redundant power and redundant cooling components and offers additional management servers which can help a growing company by having to spend less time managing the IT.

Why Colocation suits your business needs?

It eliminates the expense of building and operating a data center facility while allowing you to retain ownership and complete control of your physical servers.

On-site disaster recovery does not provide recourse in case of catastrophe while Data centers in a colocation facility are more reliable as they offer greater protection from power outages because of the numerous data backups in place and provide low latency options.

Housing data hardware in a colocation data center gives companies access to higher levels of bandwidth compared to a normal office server room at a much lower cost.

It provides higher levels of physical protection. Colocation centers apply more stringent measures for securing data such as CCTV monitoring, private suites, mantraps, fire detection and suppression systems.

Colocation Service Offering and Features

We offer affordable and reliable colocation services wherever and whenever our clients’ needs to encourage their business getting advanced colocation plan and keep profitable.

Our facilities are built to ensure our clients get the protected network they want with the highest level of security they need.

GTMH colocation services comes with the following features.

GTMH offers Complete Colocation services and develops to improve your data center experience through Customer-oriented Experts and tailored Solutions.

Our colocation services include:

  1. Full Rack Colocations
  2. Half Rack Colocations
  3. Customized Colocations

We make reliable connections with your business partners, networks and carriers in which business can enjoy optimal end-user experience through fast and short network routes. Some of GTMH Domestic Internet Exchange Partners include:

Data center power requirements have a major impact on colocation costs, making it vital for customers to accurately assess their power distribution needs. We assure 99.999 % uptime with Tier III standard. All our sites are built with minimum N+1 redundancy, Uninterruptible Power Supply systems and redundant backup at each point to keep your business powered on.

Key features

  • 2N Redundant Power Distribution
  • 48 hours Generator power backup, Intelligent Site Operation
  • 5KVA Power per rack, N+1 Cooling
  • Secure by Firewall and Antivirus
  • Nitrogen fire suppression system
  • 24×7 Site monitoring by CCTV, Security
  • Network Operation Center (NOC)
  • Internet bandwidth and Public IP to be purchased separately

Our data center technicians have helped you with every single requirement by following our standard KPI.

  • 24×7 Help Desk Support
  • On Call Support
  • Trouble Ticketing System
  • Email Support
  • 99.982% availability as per Uptime Tier III standard



Service Level: Severity 1,2,3

Support Tier:

  • Tier 1 Support: NOC Back Office
  • Tier 2 Support: Network Operation Team
  • Tier 3 Support: management Escalation

Build your own Solutions

We are also here to provide you with the scalable solutions to meet your growing business.

Power Demand

We can create a solution that fits your robust infrastructure-power first.

Space Demand

We can customize a solution to match the number of servers and firewalls you want.

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GTMH DC Colocation Advantages

Carrier Neutral

We work with several domestic and international interconnection providers and offer a wide variety of connection options to its colocation customers.

Infrastructure is in Myanmar

One of the factors that can be highly influenced by the physical location of your data center’s servers is connectivity.

Customer Centric Solutions

We provide the organization with service that meet both their current business requirement with the ability to quickly expand as those requirements change and evolve

Domestic and International Peering Exchange

We make reliable connections with your business partners, networks and carriers in which business can enjoy optimal end-user experience through fast and short network routes.

Which solutions do you need? Find out more with us.