GTMH SD WAN provides a fully managed and protected IP VPN service overlaying new and existing broadband services.

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Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that provides enterprise with the flexibility to leverage any combination of transport services, including broadband internet, to securely connects users to applications. The solutions

  1. Brings unparalleled agility and cost savings to networking
  2. Delivers more responsive, more predictable applications at lower cost in last time than the managed MPLS Services
  3. Allows IT becomes more agile, deploying sites in minutes, leveraging any available data services such as MPLS, dedicated Internet Access (DIA), broadband/wireless and being able to configure sites instantly.

Cost-effective managed WAN network that connect customer branches, partners and business application sitting in the cloud

User Benefits of SDWAN

Simplified WAN Management

Zero-touch deployments, simplified operations, one-click service insertion

Assured Application Performance

Transport independent performance for the most demanding apps, leverages economical bandwidth

Managed On-Ramp to the Colud

Direct cloud access with performance, reliability and security

Managing Connection Option

Provides enterprises with more options for connection type and vendor selection when building their networks.

Eliminating High Cost

SD-WAN technology allows organizations to use cheaper connection types than MPLS.

Overlaying SDWAN Technology

Abstraction permits centralized control of the network and traffic management as well as network automation

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