VMWare Cloud Services (Backup Service)

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Data Backups for Computers- Do Not Lose Your Data Even When Your Computer Fails.

The most suitable way to assure data security is to make copies to a remote server. GTMH data backup service allows recovering data in case of failure of your IT equipment and intentional or unintentional data deletion and enables you to resume usual operations. GTMH Backup Services applies to the following scenarios:

Hacker attacks and virus infection: GTMH Backup services can restore the cloud server to the latest backup point in time when the cloud server has not been affected by hacker attacks and virus.

Mis-deletion: GTMH can restore cloud server to the backup point in time prior to the mis-deletion.

Application update errors: GTMH can restore a cloud server to the backup point in time prior to the application update.

Using the Commvault technology, GTMH offers seamless and efficient data backup and recovery of any operating system, database or application. GTMH infrastructure managed backup features offer:

Fully Managed Backup

Anytime Recovery

Backup Retention

Benefits of GTMH Cloud Backup


easy for your IT staff to manage, protect, and use your data where it exists today and wherever it is moved and stored tomorrow.

Cost Optimized

streamlines operations and enables predictable growth and cost management, so you know what to expect and how to budget.


supports your diverse environment today and the confidence to know that your future technology decisions will be supported as well.


100% scheduled uptime: with financially backed service level agreements (SLA)


includes free access 24/7/365 to NOC and email support.


Fully Encrypted Backup In Flight and At Rest
Complete Ransomware Protection
Data Sovereignty with Domestic Data Center

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