Managed Turnkey Data Center Services

Keep your data Safe and Sound with 100% access to the most advanced virtual data services in Myanmar

What are GTMH Data Center Services?

Equipped with virtualized networking, computing, security and storage equipment, GTMH data center are capable of handling huge volumes of data from on-premises physical servers to virtual networks that support applications and workloads across pools of physical infrastructure and into a multicloud environment.

Being peered with all Major Domestic Service Providers, GTMH guarantee low latency in-country transit, thus avoiding slow unreliable international peering.

GTMH DC Strength

GTMH DC is the pioneer Data Center in Myanmar with the premium standard technology. By engaging with the local enterprise businesses here, our Data Center currently supports customized services to various sectors including banking and Financial Services, Entertainment and transport solutions providers.

GTMH DC team is comprised of data center experts with a wealth of experience on cloud, data services and national carrier transmission deployment. Our Sales, implementation and managements coordinate to ensure optimum flexibility to quickly define and adapt to customer Business needs.

GTMH continually adapt and evolve with the dynamics of data center market and invest strategically in operational leadership, training, tools and system across all our owned and managed facilities. We define ourselves by the level of service we deliver. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of our customer access to the most advanced virtual data center services available in Myanmar.

Our Tier III compliance data centers provide 24/7/365 power, cooling, connectivity and security with connection to the main telecommunication and cloud network supported by our real-time monitoring and sustainable management



Modular containerized solution to ensure environmental stability, earthquake & flood proof, out of the city in a dedicated secure location


State of the art in row cooling with cold aisle containment ensuring a low PUE, green focused operations


Power to spare, 3×500 KVA generators onsite fuel to last a minimum of 48 hours in case of disruption of domestic supply


3 layers of access in the main data hall, full CCTV and 2 stage BIO access even down to upon request location

Comprehensive colocation and data center services offering in Myanmar

Colocation Services

Keep your data safe with the highest level of security and reliable data center infrastructure available in Myanmar. We fulfill our customers’ data center colocation needs through our flexible and tailored space options together with DC facilities for power, physical security and cooling.

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Smart Hand Services

Make Data Center Management convenient, fast and effective with our GTMH Smart Hands. Our team is ready to help 24/7 online.

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Connectivity Services

GTMH DC network and connectivity services enable you to reach all of the partners, providers and platforms needed to achieve your business’s digital transformation goals.

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DR/Back Up Services

Business rely heavily on technology, and technology disruption for a few days or even a few hours can result in significant financial loss.

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Planned or unplanned, be assured that our customer-oriented technicians are ready to hepl you whenever you need them. In addtiion, Smart Hands services enable your organization to tap into and pay for resources only when you need them

Operational Efficiency

Our approach focuses on optimization and productivity improvements at every stage of the life cycle of the process ultimately maximizing profitability.


Acceerate digital transformation and manage data center remotely with our GTMH smart hand services.

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