GTMH Unified Communication Solutions

GTMH UC solutions bring real-time communication from your phone system and conferencing solutions together with messaging and chat, and integrate with everyday business applications using APIs.

Direct Inward Dialing Numbers(DID) and Local Termination

Connect your enterprise PBX to the Public Switched Telephone Network, receive simultaneous calls over a single number (hotline), purchase as many numbers as you need to run your business

Cloud-Based Phone System for Business

Make calls, hold video conferences, and chat quickly within one cloud-based platform. We’ll simplify your communications so you can focus on the things that matter.

Direct Inward Dialing Numbers(DID) And Local Termination

GTMH VoIP Gateway allows customer to:

  • Connect their enterprise telephony network to the public domestic network
  • Rent Domestic Numbers and assign them dynamically to your enterprise phones
  • Create a call center setup with simultaneous call capability on one unique number with multiple queue scenario
  • Connect your remote workers to your enterprise phone network

Cloud IPBX-Cloud-Based Phone System For Business

GTMH Cloud IPBX allows customer to:

  • Eliminate the need for local IPBX
  • Register your IP phones directly to GDMS Cloud IPBX
  • Create users and internal dial plan
  • Create queues and IVR scenarios
  • Assign long number to one or multiple phones

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