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Remote Support All Day, Everyday

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Remote Support all day, everyday

GTMH smart hands is the 24/7 on-site, operational on-demand support service for troubleshooting, remote management, and installation of data center clients’ equipment.

GTMH Smart Hands allows customers to

  • manage/outsource their business operations and maximize uptime within the data center by utilizing our technical resources.
  • get access a wide range of support service for remote management, installation and troubleshooting of your Data Center Equipment

Our technicians are trained to be the eyes and hands for management of your infrastructure and our smart hand services are available 24x7x365

Smart Hand Advantages

Cost Saving

Deploy Smart Hands to work with your Level 2 support team instead of sending specialists out to the field on trips that are both time consuming and costly.

On-site Assistance

Manage business operations, get on-site technical support for your data center equipment.

24/7 support Availability

We’re on-site, on-call and ready to help 24x7x365.

Submit your smart hand orders anywhere, anytime.

24-Hour NOC Monitoring

Our Dedicated NOC in office offer:

  • 24×7 operation
  • Help desk
  • On call support
  • CCTV Remote Monitoring
  • Access Control Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Incident Management & Reporting

Our Dedicated NOC at Data Center Site

  • Onsite Operation
  • Onsite Monitoring
  • Onsite Troubleshooting
  • On call support
  • Quick Response team
  • Incident Handling

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