Workspace One Intelligence

Consumer Simple, Enterprise Secure

The most simple and secure solution for the organization to manage the different devices from anywhere

What is Work Space One?

Workspace ONE is a digital platform that delivers and manages any app on any device by integrating access control, application management, and multiplatform endpoint management.

It is available as an annual cloud subscription or perpetual on-premises license

The platform enables IT to deliver a digital workspace that includes the devices and apps of the business’s choice, without sacrificing the security and control that IT professionals need. 


End users today have multiple devices with various form factors and operating systems that are not managed by IT. It makes it difficult to secure access when you cannot trust the device.

Key Features Of VMWare Workspace One

Consumer-simple app authentication

  • Easy access to all apps through a browser or the Workspace One native mobile app
  • Transform onboarding by enabling self-service access to the apps needed
  • One-touch single sign-on ( secure, easy way and password-less)

Device Management Options

  • Support available for Desktop Oss, mobile OS, Smartphones, you name it, we support it.
  • many device management types in a single platform
  • With adaptive management, the workflow of an end user logging in on a BYO device become simple

Automated App Management

  • Simple management and provisioning of devices , necessary configuration on user devices including Wifi and VPN
  • Automatic installation, update and software package removal
  • ONE app, enabling them the flexibility to be productive wherever they need to.

Network Access Control

  • Conditional Access policies applied on a per application basic
  • Advance data leakage against rooted or jailbreak devices, allowlist and denylist apps, restriction, geofencing etc.
  • Real time visibility with application, device

How a Digital Workspace Delivers Value

Lower Cost

  • Simplify OS deployment
  • Consolidate management tools
  • Eliminate on-premises infrastructure
  • Simplify configuration and application lifecycle management

Improve Security & Compliance

  • Push-based policy and patch management\
  • Real-time device context and posture
  • Policy-based, security and compliance automation

Deliver Better User Experience

  • Enable end user choice in apps and devices
  • Privacy-centric management
  • One-touch, easy self-service access to apps and resources
  • Faster and reliable system performance

Consumer Simple Access to Any Application

One place to go for all your business apps, optimized by device type

One-touch mobile single sign-on using device trust

Simple self-service onboarding for new users and new devices

Easy multi-factor authentication using any mobile device

Privacy by design assures users that their personal apps and data remain invisible to IT


Reduce time to productivity of new apps from months to days


Eliminate app provisioning and password-related helpdesk tickets

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