Cloud Solutions

The most complete service offerings and a unique one-stop-shop solutions for enterprise, hosted in Myanmar

Cloud computing has already become a force in the worldwide economy and it is already allowing many firms and individuals from the costly physical world of ICT. In collaborating with our partners including HGC, VMWare etc., GTMH is delivering a large number of latest cloud solutions on demand access to bring better results and encourage business presence in today cloud environment.

Reducing the opportunity cost to running technology

Lowering technology ownership costs

Facilitating a shift from capital expenditure to operating expenditure

Allowing businesses to refocus on core activities and increase the value of their services to clients.

Customized solutions for companies of any size or industry

In-country data storage, compliance, rigorous data security measures, robust disaster recovery

GTMH is a World Class Local Service Provider 100% Myanmar Owned and Operated. We offer a complete End to End Solution, International and Domestic Connectivity combined with A Complete Suite of Cloud Services Spanning Consultancy, Hosting and Fully Managed DRaaS and BCaas based on VMWare VCPP

GTMH Cloud Infrastructure Service

GTMH cloud computing allows business and organization access the data storage and computing capabilities that they require, on an on-demand basic and with a significantly reduced up-front cost.

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The Power of VMware Cloud with GTMH

Thanks to our partnership with VMWare, GTMH is bringing the latest cloud solution in Myanmar.
By combining our expertise and experience, we guarantee that the outcome will have

  1. Efficiency
  2. Reliability
  3. Security


Explore our tailored service offering for your business needs.


Cloud infrastructures, VMware VPS solutions are a cost-effective choice for any business wanting security with control.

Open Share

GTMH file sharing services allow you to see who’s added, edited, deleted, renamed or moved an online file with latest security and encryption technology.


Using the Commvault technology, GTMH offers seamless and efficient data backup and recovery of any operating system, database, or application.

Digital Risk Monitoring

Digital processes for improving the evaluation and monitoring of risk—which may include cybersecurity risk, third-party risk, operational risk, and numerous other types of risk.

Hosting Services

GTMH provides reliable Email and Web Hosting Service which is easy to use and offers a variety of plans with rich features for the SME and Enterprise Customers

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