Digital Risk

Delivered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Resecurity Risk™ identifies and eliminates potential blind spots and security gaps throughout your network infrastructure and exposed digital footprint.

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Today, business around the word is aggressively adopting the new technology to drive growth so that they can remain competitive in the global economy. Simply, the more business adopts to the new technologies, the greater the digital risks are. Since the consequences are new and unexpected and digital risk management is becoming the essential part of business management.

Our digital risk monitoring solution provided to customers is powered by Resecurity. Resecurity Risk™ allows to track security posture changes depending on the identified security events, Dark/Web/Surface Web and other malicious activity.

Cybersecurity risk, third-party risk, operational risk and numerous other types of risk can impact the organization’s financial performance, operation, or reputation.

User Benefits of GTMH Digital Risk Monitoring


Artificial Intelligence driven engine will provide accurate insights that enterprise can act on and focus on.


Monitor any size digital presence – from a single domain to a globe-spanning network of applications, users, services, and clouds.


Track evolving security risks in near real-time and respond proactively to mitigate vulnerabilities.

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